Make your own 3D reindeer!

To make this 3D reindeer, you’ll first need to download the printable PDF template. You’ll also need a sheet of cardboard, a craft knife, cutting board and a steady hand. Children should NOT try this craft without an adult to handle the sharp blade.


1. Print the template and fix it to your card of choice. Please note that the width of the notches should be adjusted for the thickness of your chosen material, so measure it first.





2. Once the pieces are cut, they are ready to assemble into the 3D model. If you wish to decorate your reindeer, this would be the ideal stage to do so. Add paint, glitter or bells, and you could even knit your reindeer a miniature scarf.





3. Slide each piece together, be careful not to bend the card. There are video instructions for those that need them here. Once you’re done, why not post a picture of your creations to the World of Animals Facebook page? We’d love to see what you make, or any variations you come up with!




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