Meet the animals on our streets in issue 52

Pick up our latest issue to find out what life is like for animals living in the concrete jungle, uncover the truth about bats and meet the species that inspired video games.

Here’s a look inside to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out!

By 2050, it’s predicted that two-thirds of all humans will live in an urban environment. As our towns and cities continue to grow, more and more animals are finding ways to adapt to city living.

Creepy, blind and on the hunt for your blood – there are a lot of misconceptions about these aerial acrobats. Discover the truth about the only true flying mammal.

In one of the greatest conservation success stories of our time, the Asiatic lion has clawed its way back from the brink of extinction. Find out how these proud predators were given a second chance with the extraordinary support of local people.

With so many different species of animals around the world it’s no surprise that many video game developers have based games around them. In this issue, we’ve got a selection of some of the most famous animals to ever appear in video games.