Meet the other baby Louis

Another little prince arrived on the 23rd April

While many were glued to news of the royal baby, another birth was taking place at Blackpool Zoo. Free from cameras and waiting journalists, bactrian camel Tibet welcomed her fifth baby to the world after a 13-month gestation. In honour of the latest addition to the royal family, keepers have decided to name the calf Louis.

Johnpaul Houston, Assistant Head Keeper at Blackpool Zoo, said: “We were all delighted to welcome our first camel calf of the year and he was spotted by keepers just as news broke that the Duchess of Cambridge had gone into labour.

“We are hoping for some more calves to join Louis as the season gets into full swing and any additional arrivals will share the same father, who is called Sid. Our camels packed up their humps and moved into our former elephant house earlier this year after Kate the Asian elephant moved across the zoo to our brand new, multimillion pound Project Elephant development, and everyone has settled in really well.

This baby is also very special as he is a domestic Bactrian camel, whose wild Mongolian cousins are critically endangered. There are less than 600 remaining in their native Gobi and the Taklimakan deserts of Mongolia and Xinjiang. Here at Blackpool we are ambassadors to the plight of this magnificent, double humped camel and in June this year we are hosting the ABWAK Camelid symposium, when Camelid specialists from across the country will come together and learn from each other.”


Photo: Blackpool Zoo