Meet the top 5 animal athletes in issue 36

Our latest issue is now on sale! As well as stunning images and fun, informative articles all about bears, sharks and honeybees, don’t miss our Animal Olympians feature which highlights the animals that could give human athletes a run for their money.

Here’s a sneak peak at our top 5:


1. Fastest

The fastest thing on four legs, the mighty cheetah can reach bursts speeds of an incredible 120kph (74.6mph).


2. Highest jumper

Performing a long jump of up to 15m (49.2ft), the snow leopard can leap ten times the length of its own body.


3. Strongest

Capable of lifting 1,140 times its bodyweight, the dung beetle beats every animal when it comes to proportional strength.


4. Fastest swimmer

Capable of 100kph (62mph) in the water, this armed and streamlined living torpedo is not your average swimming buddy.


5. Best boxer

Despite its tiny size, the mantis shrimp is a real heavyweight, packing a punch with the force of a 22-calibre bullet.


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