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World of Animals is back with an amazing issue number 38 that gives you the opportunity to discover12 wildcats you never knew existed!

We’ve all heard of a lion and a tiger, but have you ever heard of a caracal, a kodkod or a jaguarundi? In issue 38, we highlight 12 fantastic felines that we think should share the spotlight with their big cat cousins.

Meet the fantastic felines you never knew existed in issue 38. Click to enlarge.

Love sharks? We’ve put together 50 shark facts to sink you teeth into. Find out why sharks would sink in fresh water and which sharks glow in the dark.

Discover the secrets of the oceans most prolific predators


Want to know why squirrels bury their nuts? We take a look at how this bushy-tailed hoarder prepares for winter as well as uncovering seven other animals with unique strategies for surviving the cold.

Winter wildlife survival-strategies revealed


Also in this issue, discover the incredible journey of the monarch butterfly, journey to Brazil to explore this diverse wildlife habitat and learn all about why we need to protect seahorses.

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