Ol Pejeta newborn rhino recovers after health scare

The rhino calf reported sick in March at East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary, Ol Pejeta, has recoverd.

The Kenyan conservancy celebrated the birth of a rhino calf in March 2014, following continued efforts to conserve and breed the critically endangered animals.

Samuel Mutisya from Ol Pejeta said: “Such occurrence demanded that the team operating within general territory of the calf closely monitor its condition, i.e. sit with calf for a substantial part of the day(s) to observe its behavior and determine its progress so that medical attention can be quickly sought if the calf’s condition was seen to deteriorate.”

Fortunately overtime, the calf regained its health and is now fully recovered.

Mutisya added: “This resonates with the CEO’s sentiments on calf survival and the variety of threats facing the species while at this age.”

The male calf is the youngest black rhino in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy and was born to an 18-year-old female named Ishirini. Ishirini is among the first five females to be born in Ol Pejeta after the initial population of 20 black rhinos were introduced in the Conservancy between 1989 and 1993.

Ol Pejeta newborn rhino recovers after health scare“His mother is an excellent breeder, indeed her first calf was born at the age of 6 which is 1 year below the average age of black rhino sexual maturity” said Mutisya.

The calf and its mother occupies a territory on the eastern side of Ewaso Nyiro river that traverses the Conservancy on south-north flow. Ishirini and her calf join another 42 rhinos partially restricted within approximately 20,000 acres to the east of the river.

Mutisya concluded: “In order to raise funds towards the conservation of the species we encourage any interested party/partners to adopt and name the rhinos at a fee. Ishirini’s calf (male) who is yet to be named is one such candidate.”

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