Peek inside the new edition of World of Animals

The latest issue of World of Animals has hit the shelves and is more jam-packed with animals than ever! Read about 10 weird mammals you’ve never even heard of and find out what kind of animals actually live on Madagascare (there aren’t any penguins there, that’s for sure!)

In issue 14, get into the heart of a meerkat mob and discover what role each member plays and how they protect each other until the very end.

1Read about the master predators of the night and how black panthers have adapted to dominate two entire continents.

9Run with wild horses and unearth the secrets to their communication, behaviour and lifestyle far from the hands of humans.


Some animals take incredible annual journeys, including the crabs of Christmas Island that halt traffic when they migrate to the ocean

5Do elephants fall in love? They bond for life, miss one another when separated and mourn for passed friends.

3The penguins of Madagascar may not be real, but there are thousands of unbelievable animals on the island from the tiny chameleon that fits on the head of a match to the fearsome fossa.

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