Red pandas and 20 other amazing animals of Asia

Our latest issue is packed with amazing facts and stunning images, from how the Amur leopard is clawing its way back from the brink of extinction, to a life in the year of a grizzly bear.
We’re so excited about this issue that we are giving you a sneak peek again!


Red panda spreadOur cover feature is all about red pandas and 20 other amazing animals of Asia, from the golden snub-nosed monkey and its blue face, to the strange looking dugong. Find out how the Atlas moth uses its wing pattern as a defence mechanism and how the tarsier can turn its head 180 degrees.


Shark spreadUncover the truth behind the myths surrounding sharks, what makes a fish deadly and just how intelligent these killer fish really are. Find out which of the world’s sharks are the fastest, the deadliest and the most feared of them all.


Frog spreadOur ‘all about’ feature focuses on the common frog. Take a look at the anatomy of this adaptable amphibian and learn everything there is to know about life in the pond. There are some amazing fact frogs, from why they are revered in some cultures, to how they jump.



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