Sink your teeth into Issue 62

Bust some shark myths and meet Earth’s most badass beetles in the new issue

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the exciting animals in Issue 62:


We’re not the only ones who’ve been feeling the heat this summer – from sweating to spitting, find out how animals keep cool when the temperatures climb.


Do sharks really deserve their monster reputation? The Meg is the latest in a long line of scary shark films so, with help from The Shark Trust, we take a look at the things the movies got wrong.


Maya the jaguar captured hearts around the world as they followed her journey from helpless newborn to adventurous juvenile. We discuss the controversy of keeping big cats in captivity and the conservation of Maya’s species with Giles Clark, Director of the Big Cat Sanctuary.


Move over, Antman – meet the beetles with super strength, super speed and chemical weapons. Even the dainty ladybird puts up a serious fight in the face of danger!


There’s a bit more to sloths than sleep and moving slowly – get to know these strangely endearing creatures better, and learn to tell them apart with a free poster!


You can find Issue 62 in stores and online now – enjoy!