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Looking for a gift for an animal mad friend or loved one ? Then you’ve come to the right place. The latest issue of World of Animals magazine is the perfect treat for anyone who is passionate about wildlife. Take a sneak peek!

Our cover feature this issue is about the incredible jumping spider and 10 other amazing arthropods. Some people may flinch when they see a spider on the cover, but it is important to celebrate every creature in the animal kingdom and not just the cute and furry ones. Learn about the tiger beetle – the fastest insect in the world – and the giraffe weevil with its giraffe-like neck which extends to help it build better nests.


If you need a cute fix, enter the icy world of the harp seal and discover how the abandoned seal pups survive and grow up to become kings of migration.

harp seals

We speak to TV presenter and birder Bill Oddie about the robin and find out if this cheerful garden bird has a dark side.


Journey to deepest, darkest Africa to the lush green rainforests that mountain gorillas call home and meet some of its other inhabitants, from the strange-nosed chameleon to the African forest elephant.


Issue 28 is packed full of stunning images, educational illustrations, and fun, informative features. You can even take the quiz at the end to see what you’ve learnt and let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!

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