The top 5 moments for rhinos in 2014

What happened to the rhino population in 2014? Check out last year’s success stories.

5. Two hand reared black rhinos were successfully released into the wild in the last week in December at Ol Pejeta conservancy


4. Bioengineers in San Fransisco began work to produce rhino horn from stem cells to protect the remaining few animals


3. Ol Pejeta’s rhino herd has increased from 96 to 105. The herd is expected to expand to 118 by 2017


2. 344 rhino poachers were arrested throughout the year, one of which was given a 77 year sentence


1. UAVs (unmanned ariel vehicles) or drones were initiated to watch out for poachers


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Northern White Rhino Sudan in his enclosure Photo by Erico Hiller



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