The World of Animals annual hits the shelves!

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present then look no further, because the World of Animals annual is out now! Containing the very best of your favourite magazine, this offer is not to be missed. Available in store at Tesco, ASDA, WH Smith and Sainsbury’s, as well as online at the Imagine shop.



This spectacular new book contains the biggest and best of World of Animals magazine, from the dazzling parrot family to the breathtaking animals of Africa. Delve into the incredible lives of jellyfish and uncover the secrets of how animal camouflage works with the latest release from Imagine Publishing.


Journey the Amazon and lea083_WOAA_001rn about the 100 decibel howler monkey, bizarre pink dolphins and the chatty emperor tamarins that can be found along the river with this fantastic book. Dive into the crystal clear shallows of the Galapagos islands and come face to face with the world’s only swimming lizard, as well as the tropical penguins that swim five times faster than humans! Get your copy today.


Immerse yourself in the incredible lives of animals every month with World of Animals for only £3.99, or get a great deal by subscribing online or becoming a digital reader today.