Why is the rhino a species worth saving?

It’s easy to overlook the impact a species has on its environment until it’s gone. The extinction of the rhino would have devastating effects on its habitat.

Rhinos are amazing animals, but here are 5 reasons why they are so important to their ecosystem:


  1. They open doors for othersAs large, powerful animals, rhinos create pathways for other animals when they move help, giving them new areas to feed and rest.
  2. Rhinos keep the landscape greenRhinos feed selectively. By choosing certain vegetation they prevent dominant species getting out of control and promote diversity.
  3. Their bodies provide foodWhen rhinos die, their carcasses provide food for scavenging mammals  like hyenas, lions and wild dogs.
  4. Rhinos locate water
    During times of drought, rhinos dig for water using their feet and horns, which helps other animals of the savannah.
  5. Rhinos boost the economyRhinos not only attract tourists from across the globe, they also provide jobs for local people.