Why Issue 33 is Otter-ly Fantastic!

Pick up our latest issue to meet the charismatic mammals that hold hands when they fall asleep, find out all about the plight of the gorilla and take a look at the most colourful snakes on Earth. 

Here’s a sneak peak of issue 33 to highlight why you shouldn’t miss out!



Otters are amazing creatures. Not only are they some of the cutest animals out there but they’re also playful, mischievous, and we’re only just starting to understand how intelligent they are. Meet the 13 species of otter from the crab catching Asian small-clawed otter to the fiercely territorial Eurasian otter.


Some of our closest animal relatives are facing a struggle for survival. Gorillas are critically endangered, and without our help these amazing great apes could be lost forever. Learn what is being done to safeguard their future.


Snakes have a bad reputation, but beyond the scary stories and persistent myths are a group of animals who, like any other, only strike when threatened. With an incredible 3,000 species of snake, we highlight some of the most beautiful.

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