Why you need a copy of Issue 27

Our latest issue is packed with stunning images and fascinating facts, as well as a brand new feature highlighting our must-have items for animal lovers this Christmas.

Here’s a sneak peak to show you why you should pick up a copy.


Deer of the World

Learn all about the deer of the world and how to identify these gentle woodland creatures in our main cover story.



How animals use colour

Find out why the mandrill’s face is blue and red and how other animals use colour to survive.



The master of espionage

Meet the common octopus and explore its behaviour, mating rituals and even its anatomy.



Wonders down under

Journey to Australia to uncover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and the incredible wildlife of the outback.



Wildlife of the American Everglades

Delve into this diverse habitat and come face to face with its inhabitants.



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