Wolf cubs by numbers

A run down on wolf cubs

1.5 kilograms

The average weight that a male cub gains per week in the first 14 weeks of life

63 days

The number of days a female wolf if pregnant

3 weeks

The pups start to venture outside of the den

12 weeks

Pups are fully weaned and start feeding on meat

8-16 weeks

Their eyes change from baby blue to golden yellow in colour

4-6 months

Cubs gain their winter fur which will keep them warm during winter



A den is an underground hole or cave that shelters the wolf and her cubs from the weather and provides protections against predators. The expectant mother will construct a den during the summer, often using natural structures in rocks, banks or by renovating the burrows of smaller animals, making them roomy enough for a litter of pups. During the cubs’ first few weeks, the other will stay by their side, so the dens will be built no more than 500m (1,640ft) from a water source so she can drink, while the other pack members will hunt and deliver the food. The den will also be built south-facing so that it gets sufficient sun exposure, keep the area warmer and snow-free for her little cubs.


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