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This globe-trotting second issue travels to far-off Sumatra to explain the efforts being made to save orangutans from extinction, then dives beneath the waves to explore the habits and habitats of the most intelligent sea mammal, the bottlenose dolphin. There’s also a quick trip to the arctic circle to reveal the secrets that enable polar bears to survive in a frozen wasteland. Scroll down to take a look at these and some of the other amazing features that this fantastic new wildlife magazine has to offer.

The worlds fastest animals
Find out how the quickest creatures on the planet reach amazing speeds as reptiles, fish, birds, mammals and man go head to head in the most amazing race on Earth.

Meet the eagles
Discover some amazing facts about these majestic birds of prey as we introduce you to six fascinating members of the eagle family.

All About dolphins
Did you know that the anatomy of these sea-dwelling mammals is remarkably similar to our own? Learn everything you need to know about the bottlenose dolphin in this issue’s All About… feature.

Saving the Orangutans
Join Gordon Hunt, deputy head of mammals at Durrell Wildlife Park as he tells us about the battle to save the Sumatran orangutans from extinction.

Secrets of the polar bear
Just how does the polar bear survive in the extreme temperatures of its habitat? Find out how these amazing beasts hunt. sleep and breed.