10 facts about albatrosses

1. Albatrosses are the biggest sea birds with wingspans of up to 3.5 metres (11 feet)


2. They drink saltwater and excrete the salt crystals through glands above their beaks


3. They can live for up to 60 years


4. An albatross can glide for hundreds of miles without flapping its wings once, and this soaring requires less energy than sitting on a nest


5. Albatross pairs mate for life


6. Females lay only one egg per year which has similar dimensions to a drink can


7. Albatrosses are in decline as they are attracted to baited hooks from long line fishing boats


8. Once chicks have fledged they don’t return to land for up to 10 years


9. Some albatrosses fly up to 10 000 kilometres (6250 miles) to find food for their chick


10. An albatross has been recorded to fly around the entire globe in 46 days



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Image from www.flickr.com/photos/28656738@N02/5311305073