4 Top toucan facts

Size but not strength

The toucan’s beak is lightweight and hollow, so it is useless as a defence mechanism. The closest it comes to being used as a weapon is when the birds play fight with each other in the evenings.


Don’t play with your food

A toucan mating ritual will often involve the birds throwing food at each other, in what looks like a slightly messy game. Once they have found a partner, toucans are usually monogamous and will breed in the spring.


A tidy ball of toucan

In order to fit into their tiny treetop hollows, toucans can make themselves more compact by tucking their beaks into their feathers and folding up their tails – in this position, they look like a ball of feathers!


Toucan make that sound

Toucans are named after the sound they make, which could easily be confused for that of a large, croaking frog! Their loud calls are used to scare off predators or warn others of danger.


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Image from www.flickr.com/photos/stuutje