Feed the birds

What should you be feeding your garden visitors?

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are a fantastic all- round food for birds like nuthatches. If possible, find sunflower hearts with the shells removed to prevent birds from injuring their beaks.


Nyjer seeds

Goldfinches absolutely love exotic nyjer seeds and may take up permanent residence in your garden if you continue to provide their favourite food on a regular basis.



High-fat peanuts are ideal food for woodpeckers. These should be shelled and unsalted in order to lure species like the beautifully coloured greater-spotted woodpecker.



Mealworms come live or dried and are a favourite among birds, especially robins. Put them out in winter to help the birds get through the cold season.



Steel-cut oats are an energy-packed treat for wrens. These tiny brown birds are some of the smallest in the UK and are frequent visitors to many people’s gardens.