7 bizarre animals that live in the sea

The oceans of the world are still a mystery to marine biologists, and these images are guaranteed to amaze you

1. Vaquita

This is a species of porpoise found in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico. They are critically endangered as they are frequently entangled in fishing nets.

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2. Black swallower

This fish has an elastic stomach pouch where it can store fish three times its size. They are deep sea fish that live up to 2,745 metres (9,000 feet) deep.


3. Ribbon seal

High in the Arctic lives this striped seal. The pattern helps the seals escape killer whale and polar bear attack, as it breaks up the animal’s outline. 5346P0c


4. Blanket octopus

Four of this octopus’ arms are connected by a sheet of skin and the others are extremely short. While females can grow longer than two metres (six feet), males only reach a few centimetres (One or two inches).Blanket octopus


5. Headless chicken fish

Technically, it’s a sea cucumber rather than a fish. It has the ability to swim and can ascend 1,000 metres (3,280 feet) in the water column in search of plankton.Enyphiastes (headless chicken fish)


6. Hourglass dolphin

These must be the weirdest dolphins in the sea. They live off the east coast of Brazil and can’t stand warm water, preferring to head towards Antarctica when summer arrives.Hourglass dolphin


7. Plankton

You might not believe that this is a magnified image of regular sea water. It’s full of zooplankton – animals that are too tiny to propel themselves – which are so small that the water around them feels as thick as syrup.



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