Archer fish can spit and shoot down its prey

Found in rivers and streams across Asia, archer fish can squirt drops of water up to three metres (ten feet) away to knock insects off vegetation. Once the shot is fired with pinpoint accuracy (they almost never miss), the archer fish then pounces on the insect as it hits the water and devours it – truly both an accurate and efficient natural killer.

How does the archer fish catch its prey?

With its mouth just out of the water but its eyes beneath the surface, the archer fish compensates for the refraction of light to locate an insect up to three metres (ten feet) away. Once targeted, it presses its tongue against a groove on the roof its mouth to form a narrow channel. It then contracts its gills, which sends a powerful jet of water shooting out, knocking the target off its perch in a split-second to be grabbed and eaten in the water.