Is it true fish can use tools?

Can an animal with no hands use tools?


You might be in cynical disbelief about whether fish, a species with no arms or hands so to speak, can operate tools to their advantage. But videos have been captured in certain parts of the Pacific Ocean that reveal that tuskfish use the hard surface of a rock to crack open the shells of clams. The fish can carry the clam over to the rock using its mouth, and then proceed to throw or bash the clam against it. Once opened, the tuskfish enjoys a hearty meal. Animals using tools in their natural habitat is not entirely unheard of. In 1960, primatologist Jane Goodall observed a chimpanzee use a piece of grass to fetch termites from under the ground. Dolphins are also renowned for their intelligent use of tools, for example to stir up the seabed to forage for food.


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Photograph: Neil Turner