Retired NYC subway cars become artificial reefs

New Yorkers might think that they encounter wild animals on their morning commute, but the little-known fate of old train carriages is about as wild as you could get…

From 2001 to 2010, the New York transit authorities sent over 2,500 retired cars to sea. Before the journey begins the cars are stripped and decontaminated ready to enter the water, with all the parts inside being recycled first.subway cars atlantic ocean artificial reefs


18 tons of train falls into the ocean and while it may look odd, the cars are actually an ideal reef habitat. They provide shelter for fish nurseries, as well as becoming an important food source once they are covered with algae.subway cars atlantic ocean artificial reefs


The trains are quickly claimed by the sea and their presence shelters the sand from wave erosion. Many SCUBA divers can’t resist a visit to the trains on the ocean floor…

subway cars atlantic ocean artificial reefs


…and neither can the ocean’s inhabitants.

subway cars atlantic ocean artificial reefs
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