How to survive a snake bite

Keep calm

Once bitten you must stay calm, as by entering a panic state you increase your heartbeat and general blood circulation, accelerating the speed at which the venom is pumped around your system. It sounds obvious, but staying calm will be a massive help. Your main aim should be to get help as quickly and as calmly as possible.

Clean the bite

Next, clean the bite with cold water. Do not suck the bite with either your mouth or a brought suction tool, as both these actions – despite what you have seen in the movies – simply increase the rate of wound necrosis and can lead to limb amputation.


Don’t use a tourniquet

Regardless of whether it’s a shallow or deep bite, do not wrap the wound in a tourniquet (a tight bandage), as doing this will increase necrosis rapidly. Instead, use or fashion a constriction band to slow the blood flow around the wound.


Never seek revenge

This sounds common sense, but under no circumstances should you seek revenge on the snake itself. You don’t need to know what kind of snake bit you for a doctor to prescribe you the right anti venom – all such antidotes treat all bites.


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