20 amazing moths you didn’t even know existed

With butterflies in the picture, moths rarely get a look-in but it’s a common misconception that moths are dreary, drab, and dull

Here are 20 of the world’s most colourful creatures to change your mind about moths


1. Atlas moth 

Atlas moth


2. Madagascan sunset moth

Madagascan sunset moth


3. Moon moth

Moon moth


4. Small elephant hawkmoth 

Small elephant hawkmoth


5. Geometrid moth

Geometrid moth


6. Geometrid moth

Antitrygodes divisaria


7. Rosy maple moth

Rosy maple moth


8. White moth

White moth


9. Silk moth

Silk moth


10. Tiger moth

Tiger moth


11. Geometrid moth

Geometrid moth - xanthotype


12. Blinded sphinx moth

Blinded sphinx moth


13. Coffee-loving moth

Pyrausta tyralis


14. Tussock moth

Tussock moth


15. Raspberry pyrausta moth

Raspberyy pyrausta moth


16. Erebid moth

Erebid moth


17. Emperor gum moth

Emperor gum moth


18. Virginian tiger moth

Virginian tiger moth


19. Hummingbird moth 

4996946247_ffb3557654_z (1)


20. Sphinx moth

Sphinx moth


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Photographs: Vipin Baliga via flickrFrank Vassen via flickrLisa Zins via flickrgailhampshire via flickrBernard DUPONT via Wikimedia CommonsBernard DUPONT via Wikimedia CommonsCyndy Sims Parr via flickr, Bernard DUPONT, John Flannery via flickrBernard DUPONT via Wikimedia Commons, Andy Reago & Chrissy McClarren  via Wikimedia CommonsBernard DUPONT via flickrAndy Reago & Chrissy McClarren via Wikimedia Commons