Bumblebees have favourite colours

Bees use their past experiences to help them pick which flowers to visit. If a bee finds a particularly large stash of pollen on a blue flower, it is significantly more likely to visit another blue flower. Bees even share their experiences with others to help their friends find food.

Choosing where to search for food is a problem that all animals have to face. Bees help each other out as much as possible by spreading the word about bountiful nectar sources. What’s even weirder is that they communicate by dancing. The video below shows a bee performing a ‘wiggle dance’, to show its friends where the food is.



Not only do bees help each other out, but they have preferences for the flowers they visit. Bees form long-term memories about good food sources, and visit flowers of the same colour in the future.


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Image from flickr.com/photos/tjblackwell