The 3 superpowers of the peacock mantis shrimp

The peacock mantis shrimp is a super-charged ocean predator that can grow to the length of 30 centimetres (one foot). It lives in warm, tropical water and has abilities that are beyond belief.


1) Super speed

The mantis shrimp can propel itself at 30 body lengths a second, which is nine metres  (30 feet) every second. That may not sound impressive, but a human trying to match that rate would have to move 50 metres (165 feet) in one second. This shrimp swims so fast that the water it moves through boils, but it remains uninjured.


2) Creating shockwaves

The claw of the mantis shrimp strikes at 45 miles per hour, killing prey in less than three milliseconds. This lightning-fast strike created a shockwave of heat, sound and luminescence throughout the sounding water. With one strike mantis shrimps can break through aquarium glass, so very few are kept in captivity.


3) Crazy colour vision

Humans have three types of cone cells in the eye, to detect red, blue and green light. Mantis shrimp have 16 types of cone cell, which means they can detect wavelengths of light that humans cannot. Their three-sectioned eyes can see UV light and see a spectrum of colours that humans aren’t even aware exist.


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