13 heart-stopping images of mountain goats

1. Family on the edgeMountain Goat Family

2. Don’t look downMountain Goat

3. Dam, that’s steepMountain Goat ibex dam

4. Nerves of steelMountain Goat ibex dam

5. Defying gravityMountain Goat  ibex dam

6. Stuck between a rock and a hard placeMountain Goat

7. Feasting on rock mineralsMountain Goat

8. Taking a leisurely stroll along a cliff faceMountain Goat vertical

9. Admiring the viewMountain Goat

10. Look where you’re going!Mountain Goat

11. Is it glued to the cliff?!Mountain Goat

12. Taking the kids for a climbMountain Goat  ibex dam

13. Hold your breath…Mountain Goat



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