7 sea otter facts


1. Sea otter mothers need to eat up to 133 percent of their body weight when raising a pup, which is the equivalent of a human mother eating over 10 000 sandwiches


2. Sea otters are tool users and use rocks to break open sea urchins and shells to eat the animal inside


3. Sea otter teeth have been compared with teeth of early humans, as they have similar molars and chewing action to the now extinct homonin Paranthropus


4. They can dive to depths of over 100 metres (330 feet) and can hold its breath for over five minutes, but dives usually last only two or three minutes


5. Sea otters have a million hairs per six square centimetres (one square inch), which gives the sea otter some of the densest fur on the planet


6. Sea otters never need to venture on land, they can live their entire lives out at sea. Many do explore land during their lifetimes, however, and can do very well scouring shores for crabs and other sea creatures


7. Under a sea otter’s front limbs there are skin pouches, and they can store items like rocks or even food in their armpit pockets to use at a later time


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Image from www.flickr.com/photos/jkirkhart35/3238602602