The agouti can hear the difference between ripe and unripe fruit

The central American agouti is a 50 centimetre (20 inch) rodent that lives in thick forests and behaves in a manner that can only be described as extraordinary.

Agoutis mate for life and the male signals his willingness to the female by spraying her with urine. This causes her to begin a ‘frenzy dance’, while the male sprays her again before mating begins. Newborn agoutis have fur, open eyes and are able to run within their first hour of life. Families roam forests in search of fruit, but their ability to find it is quite remarkable.

Agoutis can hear fruit falling from trees more than 30 metres (100 feet) away, and they can even detect whether the falling fruit is ripe simply by listening! They scurry in pursuit of ripe fruit and share it amongst the family, and after seeds have passed through their digestive system agoutis disperse the seeds in new locations.


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