Baboons act like gangsters

Police pursued Fred, the leader of a baboon gang, for three years

Fred the baboon and his gang were notorious for carjacking in Cape Town, South Africa. They were known to break into cars unlucky enough to stray onto his turf. Fred chased away helpless humans and ransacked cars for whatever treats were inside.

He was so skilled he could raid five cars in under five minutes. If humans weren’t too happy to part with their vehicle, Fred could get violent and three unlucky tourists were injured.

Documentaries have even been made immortalising Fred’s reign of terror. He continued until government officials captured him in 2011. After his death, scientists were shocked to learn during the post mortem that he had been shot more than 50 times during his life.

His body was riddled with pellets and bullets – but this hadn’t been enough to stop him.

Fred has become somewhat of a legend, veterinarian Mark Evans said he could “bite like a lion, run like a cheetah, and rule his troop like a despotic emperor”. He behaved like a gangster, making full use of his talent for using intimidation, unzipping bags and opening car doors.


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