Can elephants jump?

Elephants can’t jump

Elephants are the world’s largest land mammal (and therefore pretty heavy!) and as smart as they are, they just can’t jump.

Weighing on average 5,500kg (12,130lbs), one male African elephant weighs about the same as four family cars. That’s be some hefty weight to lift.

The truth is, there’s not much need for them to be able to jump. Animals develop certain skills in order to improve their chances of survival, jumping is one of those skills that could help when trying to escape a predator or pounce on¬†airborne prey. But elephants are herbivores and don’t have natural predators.

Their bone structure airborne prevents them from bending their legs enough to push themselves off the ground. They don’t particularly like standing on two legs either, although they can be trained to do so.