How much does a silverback gorilla eat?

Gorillas are the biggest apes on earth, but they eat only fruits, plants and vegetables, and to maintain their enormous bulk they need to eat a lot of fibrous veggies.

An average silverback gorilla weighs 180 kilograms (395 pounds), and every day a gorilla spends 14 hours eating! In this time, they manage to get through 30 kilograms (63 pounds) of plant matter, which is a whopping 17 percent of their body weight.

To put that in context, a human weighing 60 kilograms (135 pounds) would have to eat 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of fruit and vegetables to get the same percentage as a silverback gorilla.

An average iceberg lettuce head weighs 450 grams (two pounds), so a silverback gorilla would have to eat 67 entire lettuces to get his daily food intake.

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