Meet the Sun bear: a small, rare species

Meet the Sun bear: a small, rare speciesIf you don’t recognise the sun bear, don’t be surprised; their scarcity among the jungles they inhabit in south-east Asia, including India and Vietnam, is such that they are the least studied of all bears.

Sharp claws to climb trees

At half the size of an American black bear, sun bears are relatively small, characterised by a yellow crescent on their chests, small rounded ears, long narrow tongues and sharp claws. The latter makes them excellent at climbing trees.

Small but aggressive

Despite their size, however, sun bears are incredibly aggressive and although they prefer a more herbivorous diet, they will feast on other animals and often attack even if unprovoked. As such, this is an incredibly dangerous animal to come across in the jungle.

Sun bears’ useful tongue

The long and narrow tongues of sun bears enable them to extract honey and insects from hives and difficult crevices respectively.

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