The many talents of rabbits

Rabbits have almost 360 degree vision, only having a small blind spot between their eyes. If approached by a predator, a rabbit thumps its hind leg to warn others nearby, before running away. Able to run at speeds of 30 kilometres (18 miles) per hour and jump a metre (three feet) in the air, rabbits do everything in their power to avoid capture.

They are excellent swimmers and dig burrows reaching depths of three metres (10 feet). These burrows have separate rooms for nesting and sleeping, and have emergency exits if the home is under threat.

can rabbits swim
A rabbit swimming

There are 50 species of rabbit, the largest of which is the Flemish giant. The biggest rabbit ever recorded was 1.3 metres (four feet) long and weighed 22 kilograms (49 pounds). Rabbits are also very social, and groom one another when resting.

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