Why are march hares mad?

March madness is a mating frenzy that takes place during the day, because female hares are only able to mate during a few hours of one day out of their six week reproductive cycles. Hares usually begin their activity at dusk, but when females are in season they become limited as to when they can be active.

Reports of mad march hares flood in when males begin to pursue females. When females come into season, competition between males intensifies. Females aren’t afraid to fight their corner and fend off unwanted male attention by boxing. This characteristic fighting doesn’t occur between male pairs, as was once thought, only between females and overexcited males.

When a female is ready to mate, she begins to run away from a group of males, and they are quick to chase her. She only stops running when all but one of the males have given up. She then mates with the fittest hare in hope of his strong genes passing on to her offspring.


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