Meet Ricochet the Surf Dog!

This four-legged hero is a very special dog indeed, not only can she ride the waves in style, she’s also the Canine Ambassador for Surfers with Disabilities, we asked Superpower Dogs producer, Taran Davies, to tell us a little about her and her role in the upcoming Superpower Dogs movie.

“Ricochet really is the most amazing dog and that’s not just down to her extraordinary skills as a surfer, but also the wonderful empathy that she has for people and an understanding of someone who is in any sort of distress. She has this innate understanding when someone is sick or disturbed or stressed and she can care for that person! To see that is a really incredibly moving experience. What’s fascinating for me is that an Imax film should be all about the drama and excitement and we are going to so many impressive landscapes and with the avalanche rescue dogs, dogs jumping out of helicopters to save swimmers in distress etcetera … but this film is really a story of the heart, and of the human-dog relationship which is so important for us. I think Ricochet really embodies that. I’m not a good surfer, but if I were to try, Ricochet is the one to teach me! “

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