Why goldfish make awesome pets

The humble goldfish: They’re not really cuddly, but fish are cute in their own special way and make truly fantastic pets


Goldfish are undoubtedly the easiest pet to take care of. They don’t need walks, they don’t chew the furniture and their food is as simple as a tub of fish flakes instead of a giant sack of puppy chow. Fish are also relaxing to watch – it’s a proven fact that gazing at a fish-filled aquarium can lower blood pressure.

They are also surprisingly clever (for fish), and will learn what time they are being fed each day and even recognise faces.

Modern goldfish are a domesticated version of a carp species originating from eastern Asia that was bred for meat. These fish were grey, but every so often an orange one would appear and these were kept in ponds, with reports of this happening as early as 975CE. By the 1500s it had become commonplace to keep these fish in bowls, and after that, the various breeding and development of varieties of goldfish began to develop.



Goldfish behaviour


Goldfish love to root about in the bottom of their tank. This is normal behaviour as they like to forage for scraps to nibble on.



Goldfish chasing after one another can either mean that mating is about to occur, or it can also be competition for food in a crowded tank.



Gaping at the surface usually happens when the fish are either expecting food, or if the tank’s oxygen levels are low – check the aeration if it continues!


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Photograph: Elma