How dangerous is the black mamba snake?

The most dangerous snake in the world?

Adopting a lethal combination of speed and aggression, the black mamba is widely considered the most dangerous snake in the world. It can grow to over four metres long (13 feet), but averages at around 2.5 metres (eight feet). Native to southern and eastern Africa, a bite from the vicious beast is 100 per cent fatal in areas that, unfortunately, don’t have access to the antivenom.

How does a black mamba attack?

The black mamba will usually try to escape when confronted but, when threatened, the snake will raise its head and often a third of its body off the ground. It will hiss, spread its neck-flap and open its black mouth usually with the notion to escape, still. If the attacker persists though, the mamba will strike repeatedly and rapidly, viciously injecting large amounts of venom with each strike. Respiratory paralysis sets in and, in less than 20 minutes, the venom can kill a grown adult.

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