Win an Adopt a Beehive Kit

Don’t worry, there are no beekeeping duties involved!

Bees are really important but, as the British Beekeepers Association explains, they’ve had to overcome many challenges to produce this winter’s honey supply

“Honeybees have had a lot to cope with this year. The Beast from the East blew in at just the wrong time in spring, confining worker bees to the hive when they needed to be out foraging for food to feed the growing brood. Summer came in a blast and blossom came and went very quickly, followed by the heat wave. In prolonged dry weather, flowers dry up and produce less of the nectar honeybees need to make honey. Despite this, overall the honey crop looks like it will be a good one.

By far the biggest threat facing honeybees – and all pollinators – this year is the Asian hornet. Large parts of France are said to have become silent countryside because of this invasive carnivorous species. It preys on insects of all kinds and even small mammals, but the largest part of its diet comes from eating honeybees. 100 nests have been found on the Isle of Jersey and the fear is that it could spread across the UK. There have been three confirmed sightings in the UK in September. Beekeepers are on high alert across the country, and a group is assisting beekeepers on Jersey to hunt and eradicate the Asian hornet there.”

By adopting a beehive near you, you’ll be supporting the local beekeepers and research into honeybees. No need to don the suit yourself – you’ll receive seasonal updates so you can see how your hive is getting on. When you Adopt a Beehive with the BBKA you are sent a ‘welcome’ box of goodies which includes:

• a jar of honey,
• a ‘Pocket Guide to the Honey Bee’
• a packet of pollinator-friendly wildflowers seeds
• a Burt’s Bees lip balm

Adoption usually costs £36 but we’re giving one away to a luck reader.

For your chance to win, email and let us know why you’d like to help the bees.

UK only, closes 20th November. Good luck!