15 breathtaking slow motion animal GIFS

Check out these seriously amazing GIFs of animals in super-slow motion

1. Falcon darts between trees


2. The fastest animal on four legs


3. Slow-mo cat shaketumblr_mlv35g0GlD1s2mmayo1_400

4. Mid-air collisionQ2aMI

5. Ladybird wingslTzl0aI

6. Pigeon vertical take-offjcH1zMn

7. Corgi catch

8. Cat landing on its feet (of course)iBKc6u9W2Zreb

9. Bald eagle snatches a fishi6j88JlXXO079

10. Basset hound in hot pursuitgYPpsF2

11. Dog drinkingfunny-animal-gifs-animal-gifs-so-thats-how-its-done

12. Chipmunk having a washfqMV1v3

13. Slow motion rattlesnakedCMniPY

14. Viper attacking a frogchfIS0K

15. Slow motion bat4nhwYsV


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