Here are the best meerkat GIFs on the internet

Photographer gets up close and personal with his subjects

meerkat gif photographer


Taking a quick look

meerkat taking a quick look


Baby meerkat running

Baby meerkat running


Dramatic meerkat

Dramatic meerkat


Cameraman gets unlucky

camerman gets unlucky with meerkat


Unsteady young meerkat

Unsteady young cute meerkat


Forward roll

meerkat does a forward roll


Sleepy meerkat can’t keep his eyes open

sleepy meerkat cute


Meerkat in training

cute meerkat fall gif


Sniffing meerkats

meerkat sniffing gif


Cute baby meerkats

cute baby meerkat gif


Compare the meerkat

compare the meerkat


Meerkats love grapes

meerkats eat grapes


Meerkat mob

meerkat mob gif


Meerkat parent, mother and baby

meerkat mother and baby


Hide and seek – meerkat style
sneaky meerkat


Meerkats are always on the lookout

meerkat lookout


Just as I said, always on the lookout..

silly meerkat




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