Chimpanzee VS drone: WATCH

When a film crew at Royal Burgers’ Zoo in Arnham, Netherlands deployed a drone over the chimp enclosure they had no idea what they were about to capture

The zoo delivered a statement saying: “The intelligent primates immediately discovered the spying little plane and right away armed themselves with long sticks against this inquisitive electronic intruder.”

“One of the chimpanzees was high up in a tree with a long branch. Apparently very calm and satisfied, half asleep in the morning sun, the primate let the drone make its curious images, until the drone got just a bit too close.

“Like a flash the chimpanzee struck out with the long stick she had held hidden behind her body. With a direct hit the animal knocked the drone to the ground, where the group of primates quickly overpowered the ‘prey’.”

It’s in a chimp’s nature to be curious, and in the wild they are known to use tools to hunt monkeys. This behaviour came in handy when the pesky drone entered the enclosure.

chimp drone


This isn’t the first animal to get famous from taking down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Predatory birds are frequent destroyers of flying machines, capturing fantastic footage before the drone plummets to the ground.

hawk takes down drone gif

Whether the animals are curious about what they see as an unfamiliar species or they are bothered by the drones is not yet clear. But this technology isn’t cheap, and frustrated fliers can do nothing to prevent the damage.


Whatever the case, this footage is strangely fascinating. As more drones make their way into the hands of civilians, more animals will be caught on camera doing what they do best; exploring the environment and neutralising threats.


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