Tiny koala can’t stop crying after being kicked out of tree

No matter how bad your day is, this koala’s day is worse.

In the video two koalas can be seen grappling for tree space. The small koala is kicked out of the tree by its larger ‘friend’ before it’s left on the ground to fend for itself. Visibly upset with being demoted to the floor, the little koala throws out its arms and begins to cry. It’s unlike anything we’ve heard before!

Despite an unsuccessful attempt at winning back the tree, the tale does have a happy ending and it’s reported the small koala bear had reclaimed the tree by nightfall.

Take a look at the video here:

It’s thought the brawl could be down to competition for females. The video was filmed during mating season, and although it’s unclear if both of these koalas are male, it’s one explanation that has been put forward. Females are also known to scream at, and chase away any unwanted potential suitors.


Why do koalas spend so much time in trees?

Scientists have discovered that koalas actually spend so much time in trees as a method of keeping cool. The discovery was an accident, researchers from the University of Melbourne were trying to figure out what would happen to Australia’s wildlife when the global climate changes and temperatures begin to rise. Instead, they found that koalas spent most of their time hugging acacia trees (even though they eat eucalyptus leaves). As the temperature increased, they moved further down the trunks


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