All About Space is 50 issues old!

World of Animals would like to wish a happy 50th issue to All About Space magazine!

Issue 50 went on sale today and for the exciting special issue the magazine team gave readers the mind-bending task of rating the most important and impressive space discoveries – from the discovery of the first alien and gravitational waves to locating evidence for dark matter and working out what objects in the universe are made of.


Deputy Editor, Gemma Lavender, told us, “Looking back at how All About Space has developed up to this point has been incredible. Hitting Issue 50 is a massive achievement that’s been made even better with the input of the magazine’s valuable readers.”

The results are published today and you can find out which insights have contributed most to our understanding of the amazing universe we live in by buying an issue in print or digital right now. If you’d like to learn more about the Solar System, deep space and our efforts to explore them, visit the All About Space website.