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So what’s in store this month…?

Think mice are just cheese-loving rodents that scurry through your kitchen? Think again! The adorable harvest mouse, Europe’s smallest rodent, is a skilled climber that despite its size can hang upside down holding on to blades of tall grass with its tail and weaving intricate nests. We reveal how!

Find out how the harvest mouse builds a nest. Click to enlarge


Did you know that a red fox can hear a watch ticking 37 metres away or that Tibetan sand foxes team up with brown bears to catch their prey? In issue 39, we’ve got 50 fantastic fox facts for you to feast on. From the incredible hearing of the fennec fox to the survival skills of the kit fox, learn all about these magnificent mammals.

50 facts about these most cunning of canines

Also in this issue, discover the most amazing pigs on Earth, journey to Nepal, the land of the snow leopard, and find out how you can save Asia’s great ape, the orangutan.

All manner of info on our porcine pals


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