Monkeys behaving badly

Naughty monkeys are everywhere and although these primates haven’t (yet) shown a taste for rock’n’roll, they certainly have a penchant for sex, drugs, and daylight robbery


A guide to spotting rare UK wildlife

The UK shores are home to a variety of rare wildlife. No matter where you are located in the country, there’s always an opportunity to spot a rare animal if you know where to look.

Ocean animals

Will sharks be wiped out for good?

These prehistoric predators lived through four mass extinction events and survived what the dinosaurs couldn’t, but sadly overfishing may see these fearsome fish wiped out for good


The mysteries of hibernation explained!

Many animals survive extreme conditions by taking shelter and shutting down for months on end. But how does hibernation protect them from the elements?


Save the Chimps!

Our closest living relatives have suffered rapid population declines – and human activity is to blame


Win a llama trekking experience day!

Win the chance to go on a walk…with a llama with Virgin Experience Days!   You can now take a walk in the countryside like never before… with a llama for company! Discover and enjoy the pleasant sites of the … Continued


Win 1 of 5 awesome animal rings!

Five lucky people will win a unique animal ring from DOTOLY!   DOTOLY was started in 2011 by a group of animal enthusiasts with a passion for jewellery. From koala wrap wrings to flamingo earrings, they have something unique and … Continued


Win a jaguar feeding experience!

We’re offering World of Animals readers the chance to win a big cat feeding experience at the Big Cat Santuary in Kent   The Big Cat Encounter includes: A unique experience to enjoy approximately 2 hours on a guided tour … Continued


What’s the noisiest animal on Earth?

These noisy creatures like to make themselves heard, whether it’s a deafening defence system, a blaring contact call or an ear-splitting mating song


The fight to save the Amur Leopard

These elusive and secretive felines are one of the most threatened of all the big cats and are on the brink of extinction

Ocean animals

Dolphins – the Smartest Animals on Earth

Famous for their ability to learn and even rescue humans, the real story behind the immense intelligence of dolphins lies in their astounding wild behaviour


Why save the panda?

Pandas have become the face of conservation, used to gain funding and attract attention. But with more animals facing extinction than ever before, is it working?


Get started in birdwatching with Chris Packham

From spotting garden visitors to identifying tricky species in far-flung locations, this guide will tell you all you need to know to get the best out of birdwatching


Five reasons not to fear bats

We decided to bust some myths about the sky’s spookiest creature, and to explain to you why you shouldn’t be scared of bats.

Reptiles & Amphibians

Poison vs Venom

Beauty in the natural world often comes hand-in-hand with danger. Gorgeous colours and patterns displayed by sea creatures, amphibians and insects are very often a clear warning to stay away


The gorilla’s battle for survival

Some of our closest animal relatives are facing a struggle for survival. Gorillas are critically endangered, and without our help these amazing great apes could be lost forever


Can we save the pangolin?

These scaly, solitary, secretive animals have found themselves unfortunate victims of wildlife trade and are now one of the most trafficked animals on Earth

Animal Types

Five amazing Arctic animals

Discover the stand-out species that survive and thrive in the icy climes of the Arctic Circle


Meet Ricochet the Surf Dog!

This four-legged hero is a very special dog indeed, not only can she ride the waves in style, she’s also the Canine Ambassador for Surfers with Disabilities, we asked Superpower Dogs producer, Taran Davies, to tell us a little about … Continued


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