Meet a rhino day 7: Patrick

Patrick (left) turned four years old in May 2014. Until recently, he was enjoying being the centre of his mother, Jasho’s world. But when his baby sibling was born in late July 2014, it was clear to him he would have to start being more independent. Patrick now spends a lot of time with his best friends Ossie and Niji, playing and foraging and learning all the essential skills that he needs in order to do well as an adult.

The Ol Pejeta rangers remark how similar to his mother he is in temperament, both very gentle souls. Between seven and ten years old he will start having to compete with other black rhino males for breeding rights to females, so he’s enjoying the quiet while it lasts. We have no doubt that Patrick will be an excellent breeding partner for our resident females on Ol Pejeta.


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