White rhino born at Ol Pejeta conservancy

Rhino rangers at Ol Pejeta got more than they bargained for when searching for a missing rhino. Upon seeing Susan, the absent animal, they were delighted to see that she had a newborn calf in tow. Watch the footage of the new arrival below.

On the 9th of March 2015, rangers went in search of white rhino Susan who hadn’t been seen in quite some time.
They were overjoyed to discover her reason for hiding when they saw a tiny one-day-old calf hiding under her flank. Susan’s “little boy” seems to be strong and in great health.

Every rhino birth is a great triumph and the sanctuary staff hope to continue providing a safe habitat for rhinos for many years to come. The white rhino population at Ol Pejeta now stands at 23. The male calf has been kept well hidden by his protective mother, but Ol Pejeta staff were able to capture the amazing footage above of the new rhino at two and a half weeks old.

If you would like to name this rhino, please contact the team on elodie.sampere@olpejetaconservancy.org. There are now 19 rhino calves on Ol Pejeta waiting to be named.

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